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4 Ways to Make White Trim Work With Your Windows

Trim color might seem like a small consideration, but when you are talking about the long-term look of your home, it’s a significant factor. White trim might seem ordinary and plain to many. Given the proper treatment, however, white can actually have a powerful effect on your home. Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County looks […]

3 Net Zero Facts You Need to Know

Energy efficiency and sustainability aren’t new concepts in homes. The idea of Net Zero housing, however, is a refreshing natural evolution worth considering. Also known as “Zero Energy Ready Homes” by the Department of Energy, these are homes whose energy efficiency is so great that introducing a renewable energy system can handle such a home’s […]

The Importance and Benefits of Sustainable Commitment

Sustainability refers to the use of resources today in a way that doesn’t compromise tomorrow. It’s an important concept in an age where natural resources are dwindling fast. As a company, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County stands by our commitment to this concept.