Archives for June 2017

Picture Windows: A Design That Fits Any Home

Not all windows are appropriate for different architectural designs; in fact, there are some window styles that better fit traditional homes than contemporary ones, and vice versa. Picture windows are one of the few exceptions – they boast a design that fits and even complements any architectural design. But its versatility isn’t it’s only strong […]

Gliding Windows: Better Views For Your Home

Windows open grand outdoor views to your living spaces and can actually establish the “illusion of space” that your room is actually bigger than it really is. But what window style can give you maximum views while still providing great airtight sealing? Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses why you should get gliding windows.

Window Styles That Improve Natural Ventilation

When you’re looking for replacement windows for your home, you shouldn’t just focus on the aesthetic value they’re going to add. You should also think of how they will improve your home’s energy efficiency. Windows are a source of natural ventilation for your home, and some window styles are better at ventilating than others. Read […]

Should You Go Full Frame or Insert Window Installation?

When you’re getting replacement windows for your home, there are two ways they can be installed – full frame or insert window installation. Each one is more appropriate under certain conditions and scenarios, so which one is best for you? Your trusted window company, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, discusses this further.