3 G’s of Energy-Efficient Windows: Glass, Glazing, and Gas

Renewal by Andersen® has been providing countless clients with innovative and energy-efficient windows. When we at Renewal by Andersen talk about energy efficiency, there are three contributory factors that set our windows apart from vinyl windows in Orange County.

For us, it’s about how the individual components of the window perform as an ensemble in terms of energy efficiency. In this regard, we pay utmost attention not only to the frames, but also to the glass components because these are the most essential parts of a window. Why? Because of their energy efficiency, that’s why

We can summarize Renewal by Andersen’s energy efficiency focus with these three G’s:


The High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, our standard offering, is comparably 56% more energy-efficient in summer and 45% more efficient in winter than your regular double-pane glass. Furthermore, it can block as much as 84% of dangerous UV rays that may enter your home and damage your furniture.

Our High-Performance Low-E4 SmartSun™ glass is perhaps the most energy-efficient option we offer in this line—it’s 70% more efficient in summer and 47% more efficient in winter compared with standard double-pane glass. It can also block 95% of UV rays and solar heat without sacrificing the amount of daylight passing through it.

Our High-Performance Low-E4 Sun™ glass is the kind of glass that offers the highest SHGC rating. Moreover, it has tint coatings that have the capacity to reduce the amount of light that enters your home.


Here at Renewal by Andersen, we believe that having two panes of glass is better than one. The spacing in between the two panes plays an important part in ensuring that the windows are energy-efficient. A gap too big or too small can spell the difference between a house that’s either too hot or too cold.


During the initial use of double glazing in the 1950s, air was just injected in between the panes. In the 1970s, manufacturers started to use carbon dioxide and Freon to fill the space. In the 1980s, it was discovered that argon and krypton were more energy efficient. Since then, we have been using argon to fill the space in between windowpanes.

Now Renewal by Andersen asks you this: can your vinyl windows in Orange County CA do all these? Contact us today for more information.