3 Telltale Signs to Replace Your Windows

Windows can last a long time, especially with proper maintenance. Like everything else, however, there will come a time when they will have outlived their usefulness and you’ll need to replace them. The key here lies in recognizing the signs that “tell the tale” for window replacements.


Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, the top experts in windows installation in Orange County, CA, discusses three signs to look out for:

You Feel Copious Drafts

All windows, even new ones, will let air into your home, but it should never get to a level where you can actually feel it. When you do, then it’s a clear indication that you need new windows. This is because while it’s easy to ignore a slight draft, you need to keep in mind that even one drafty window can have a significant impact on the temperature inside your home. This can make your heating or cooling systems work twice as hard just to keep up, which will result in higher energy bills.

You Have Difficulty Operating Your Windows.

Ideally, windows should open and close smoothly, regardless of its type. If you have to struggle to operate your windows, or you need to prop them with something else just to stay open, it’s time to get new ones. Not only are they a nuisance, but they can also pose a risk of slamming shut suddenly, even with a slight breeze.

You See Condensation in Between the Glass Panes

When your old windows fog up and you start to notice a lot of condensation inside the glazing, it usually means that the seals are failing. When this occurs, it’s only a matter of time before the moisture buildup starts to extend and compromise the entire window. At this stage, replacement is the only viable option for lasting efficiency.

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