3 Window Framing Types and Their Energy Efficiency Merits

Good-quality Orange County windows can help you cut back on expensive energy bills. With the right framing type, windowscan easily keep the temperature inside your home at comfortable levels so you don’t overwork your cooling or heating systems.

Some framing materialsinsulate better than others. This means the savings also vary, depending on the framing type used on the windows. Here are three common framing materials and how well they fare on the energyefficiency scale:

  • Wood is a widely popular framing material. This is primarily because the classic look of wood windows is timeless and difficult to match. They insulate very well, which means they can effectively keep heat inside the home during winter and outside during summer.

However, wood expands and contracts under extreme weather conditions. When exposed to constant moisture, it can develop mold and start to rot.

  • Vinylframes are made from polyvinyl chloride and are comparable to wood in terms of energy efficiency. Ultraviolet stabilizers are used on the frame to keep out harmful rays and prevent the material from cracking. Unlike wood, though, they have the added benefit of being virtually maintenance-free. The drawback? Vinyl frames can become brittle in extremely cold weather.
  • Compositescombine the best qualities of wood and vinyl so that you have strong, long-lasting frames without the difficult upkeep. These frames are very stable and are able to mimic the structural and thermal properties of wood. This means that in terms of insulation, they are equal to and sometimes even better than actual wood frames. They are also designed to have better resistance to moisture and decay, helping you save money on maintenance and repair work in the long run.

Choosing the rightwindow for your home can be challenging. Here at Renewal by Andersen®of Orange County, our goal isto make the selection process easier for you.

We install replacementwindows that are custom-builtto suit your home’s measurements and its energy efficiency needs. The frames of our replacement windows use Fibrex®, a composite material exclusive to Renewal by Andersen products. It contains 40% reclaimed wood fiber, and it retains the beauty and durability of wood without the troublesome upkeep. Unlike other framing materials,it hardly needs maintenance as it is guaranteed not to pit, rust, peel,or blister.

Fibrex material is very energy-efficient: it has insulating properties that rival conventional wood and vinyl,and it is about 700 times better than aluminum. Combined with our High-Performance™ Low E-4® glass,our windows can help you reduce your energy expenses up to 25%.

In need of energy-efficient replacement windows in Orange County and surrounding areas? Give us a call at (888) 266-7127 today. Learn more about our Fibrex frames and how they can benefit your home.