4 Reasons to Use Window Grilles for Your Replacement Windows

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Replacement Windows

One of the best ways you can make your window unique is by changing its grille pattern, as they add a lot of character to your window. Here are a few reasons to use them on your replacement windows:

  1. You Want to Embrace Your Home’s Architectural Style – Certain architectural styles simply look better when your window has window grilles. These homes will look wrong if the windows have no grilles. If you have a Colonial style home, then your replacement windows need to have Colonial style grilles. Fortunately, we offer a Colonial style pattern on all of our replacement windows.

  2. You Want to Express Your Unique Sense of Style – Window grilles are a traditional window component; they used to be an integral part of windows because they held the glass panes together. Today’s advanced windows no longer need grilles. That’s why you can use them as a strictly aesthetic feature. We can provide custom grille patterns for our gliding windows in Orange County, CA. You can provide us with a grille design that you feel will make your home look better and we can manufacture it for you.

  3. You Want to Maintain the Appearance of Your Current Windows – Many homeowners want their replacement windows to look the same as their current windows. They want a classic appearance for their home while enjoying the energy-efficient benefits of our windows. Thanks to our custom grilles and custom window sizes, we can recreate your current windows perfectly, even if your home’s windows are unique.

  4. You Think Grilles Look Great – Grilles can make a window look beautiful and distinctive. They filter the light streaming through the windows, casting appealing shadows on the room. They help establish a harmonious pattern across all your windows and unify your home’s appearance. If you feel this way, then we have got you covered. Our grille options include Colonial, Prairie, Modified Prairie, Custom, and Farmhouse. These options are enough to enhance any kind of home.

Grilles can make your windows look unique and link your home to a long tradition of architectural styles. If you need more help in choosing the best grilles for your new Orange County windows, then we will be glad to assist you. We have many years of experience and we have replaced windows for practically any style of home. Call us at (949) 216-7711 to learn more about our grille patterns. You can also ask for a free estimate.