4 Terrific Tips to Maximize Your Scenic Views Using Windows

It makes perfect sense to bring pieces of a lovely landscape surrounding your home through windows. However, framing scenic views could come with unintended consequences. You need to put serious thought into it so you can avoid its most common drawbacks.

Scenic Views Using Windows

To maximize your views, enjoy their other benefits, and tiptoe around their downsides, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County shares sound windows installation tips:

1. Don’t Take Snapshots of Unsightly Elements

Not all views are worth capturing. If you see only vehicles and neighboring homes, then you might be better off with regular-sized windows. Many homeowners are compelled to use large glass units in the living room since it’s the most spacious home area. However, think twice before you install them there when all you have outside are unattractive elements.

2. Use Large Windows in Upper Floors

Fret not if you lack amazing panoramas in your home’s ground level; the views are generally better above anywhere you live. Apart from having floor-to-ceiling bedroom glass units, installing specialty windows at the landing is a sneaky way to bring nature in.

3. Place Wide Units in Main Entry Points

Many homeowners think of big windows as a privacy liability, but they can actually be beneficial for home security. When installed on front and back facades, they let you see easily if anyone’s outside. Other than serving as surveillance for potential intruders, you can use them to monitor your kids while they’re playing in the yard.

4. Choose High-Performance Glazing

Installing massive picture windows shouldn’t always lead to excessive heat gain. If your units are energy-efficient enough, they could bounce most of the sun’s detrimental rays back outside and trap wanted heat inside.

At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, rely on our expertise and experience to photograph wonderful views without dealing with their negatives. Call us now at (949) 216-7711 to schedule your FREE estimate in Orange County, CA, and let’s talk about your project in detail.