4 Things to We Learned During National Window Safety Week

Your windows are an essential part of your house. They provide outdoor views, natural lighting, and ventilation. By helping with insulation, your windows can also reduce your overall energy consumption. The best part is they do so without compromising comfort indoors.

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Can Windows Be Dangerous?

As much as every window in your home is vital to you and your family’s comfort and survival, it can also be a source of danger. Perhaps you may remember that infamous incident involving Eric Clapton’s 4-year old son, Conor. According to reports, Conor fell to his death in March 1991 from an apartment 49 stories high in New York City. The culprit? A large window left open by a maintenance worker.

How Can We Avoid Window-Related Accidents?

What happened to little Conor was undeniably tragic, but what’s even more troubling is that accidents like these are more common than we care to admit. Sadly, according to a report by Safe Kids Worldwide, each year about eight children below the age 5 fall to their death from open windows. Equally alarming? More than 3,300 children each year are sent to the hospital from window-related falls.

In response to these shocking numbers, the Window Safety Task Force has taken it upon itself to promote awareness nationwide. Every year in spring it sponsors a National Window Safety Week. The timing is deliberate—spring is a time when homeowners would frequently open their windows to let in fresh air. It’s also the period most at risk for window-related accidents.

This year, Window Safety Week was observed from April 5 to 11. Here’s what we learned:

1. Keep windows closed and locked whenever there are children around. If you need to let in fresh air, make sure children won’t be able to reach the windows. If you own double-hung windows, open the top sash while keeping the bottom sash closed.

2. Don’t rely on insect screens for protection. They are not proper fall-prevention devices. They stop prevent insects from entering your home through the windows, but they WON’T keep your children from falling out.

3. That said, invest in ASTM-approved child-safety devices.According to reports, the window that Conor fell from in 1991 did not have any protective apparatus around it.Ask your Orange County windows contractor if they can install a limited-opening hardware for your windows. This will allow a unit to open a few inches.

4. Finally, keep an eye on your kids at all times. Nothing beats adult supervision when it comes to keeping your home accident-free. The least you can do is keep small children from playing near the windows. Move away any piece of furniture they can climb on to get to the windows.

Safety is a top priority at Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, along with beauty, durability, and energy efficiency. When we install our replacement units for your home, we make sure that they function as they should, keeping your home safe and protected at all times.

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