4 Ways Small Windows Can Make Modern Homes Stand Out

Modern architecture is known for its large glass windows and entry doors, but small windows remain a viable design element in many contemporary homes. Aside from introducing contrast against their larger counterparts, there are several ways small windows can make your home more interesting.

As the leading replacement windows expert in Orange County, let Renewal by Andersen® share these design tips for small windows.

1. Bathroom windows – Small windows in bathrooms may be an obvious choice, but also a practical one—they provide ample amounts of natural light without sacrificing privacy. Awning or casement windows are the ideal style for bathroom windows this size, as the hand cranks allow easy operation without having to climb on something to reach the window.

2. Frame a view – Homes with beautiful views on all sides are rare. If your home happens to have a not-so-eye-catching view at ground level, small windows may be a better option over the more typical full-sized double hung windows. Small windows can be positioned to either “crop” or frame a limited view, like a beautiful treeline. It can also be used for certain effects, like strategically positioning the window so sunlight streams in at certain times of the day.

3. Hallways and stairwells – Connecting areas like hallways and stairwells may not have the requirement for natural lighting as rooms do, but large windows would often look out of place, even unnecessary, in these areas. This is where small windows are best. A few well-placed small windows provide the right amount of natural light to these areas. Dark entryways can also benefit from small clerestory windows.

4. Reclaim wall space – You can have a spaced row of small windows installed at the top and bottom of a wall, leaving the middle for use as display space, perfect for displaying valuable artwork that would otherwise have spent time in storage. Our High-Performance™ Low-E4® Sun glass option helps keep your paintings and fabrics from fading, as it deflects up to 95% of UV rays.

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