4 Window and Door Design Trends to Apply in Your Home

Windows and doors can do more than just let light, views, and people in. They also offer an opportunity to express your creativity and personality, as well as enhance the look, value, and functionality of your home. Today’s window and door design trends respond to the need for practical yet appealing solutions. Let Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, your trusted window company in Orange County, CA, share the latest interior design trends that you can adopt when replacing windows and doors.

Design Trends

1. Bigger is Better

Huge panels of glass for windows and doors are popular right now. They allow more light in, brightening your indoors and making it appear more spacious. They can help enhance the look of your home by giving it an elegant and modern vibe. By opting for huge glass panels, you can also improve energy efficiency as you can maximize natural light. Newer products have better insulation values, too.

2. Add a Little Color

White and neutral colors are still the go-to and universal choices for interior windows and doors, but you can go for bolder and more vibrant colors. Brighter colors can accent the walls and complement the tone you want to set for the room.

3. Don’t Forget About Functionality

When we talk about design trends it is natural to focus on aesthetics, but while you’re at it, you should not also forget about functionality. Luckily, today’s window and door products can offer design excellence while remaining practical and functional. For instance, you can enjoy the ease of maintenance of Orange County vinyl windows and the elegance of wood windows through our replacement windows with Fibrex® frames.

4. Customize

Every home is unique, and this is where customization can prove very helpful. Renewal by Andersen offers customization options for shapes, colors, and grill patterns. Take advantage of the accessories that you can get for your windows and doors to improve their look.

Excited to apply these trends on your window replacement project? Make sure to hire certified window contractors in Orange County, CA, such as Renewal by Andersen of Orange County. Get in touch with us by calling (949) 216-7711 and learn how you can make these trends work for your home.