5 Benefits of Installing Top Quality Entry Doors in CA

While you can do a number of projects that can make your home visually attractive, like landscaping or repainting, nothing makes a bigger impression than new entry doors in Orange County CA. This relatively low cost home improvement option can give you the boost of curb appeal you’ve been looking for along with other benefits.

Advanced materials nowadays make doors more durable and better in insulating, alongside along up-to-date installation techniques. These reasons make this a valuable investment. Aside from functionality and aesthetic appeal, here are the five benefits you can expect:

  1. Increased aesthetic value – Your entry door is one of the first noticeable components of your home. Therefore, you have to select a type that can complement the overall architectural design of your home. Incorporate colors that go well with your exterior walls or siding, or can bring in more light into your home’s foyer.
  2. Improved insulation – Doors that are manufactured nowadays have better insulating materials. They have additional weather-stripping and added insulating properties to make your home effectively sealed. This can reduce your energy costs. Some states like California offer tax incentives for installing energy-efficient doors.
  3. Enhanced durability – Added strength allows finishing and color to stay longer. This can also keep maintenance costs to a minimum, all the while ensuring the door stays pleasing to the eye. Importantly, it guarantees longer lifespan and resistance to elements.
  4. Greater home value – With all the added features, doors can increase property value and higher return of investment.

As a homeowner, you want to have what is of utmost quality. Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County can help you. We have an array of door options available that makes use of RbA’s Fibrex® material. This material is designed to be highly durable and virtually maintenance-free. Our products and installation are covered by a superior warranty for your peace of mind.

For more information on entry doors in Orange County, feel free to contact us today.