5 Tips on Making Your Remodeling Project More Efficient

All home improvement projects, including window replacement, can easily get derailed due to lack of planning. More than a few homeowners have wound up overspending or having their projects delayed for weeks, even months.

Remodeling Project More Efficient

Fortunately, keeping yourself focused on your goals, along with a few planning tips and tricks, can keep your project on track and within budget. Here’s what you can do to make your project more efficient.

  1. Don’t rush the planning stage – Don’t skimp on available resources when planning your project; remember, you will have to live with the results. This is why we have several resources at your disposal, including a free consultation with our design experts, who can help you find the replacement windows that fit your needs.
  2. Communication is important – Even during the pre-installation stages, communication is extremely important. Don’t be afraid to speak your mind when discussing your needs with a consultant or a designer; the more details you provide, the better we understand your needs. Communication is likewise essential during installation. Aside from periodic updates, certain things may need decisive action.
  3. Keep your goals clear – You should have a clear set of goals right at the beginning. It’s not enough that you, for instance, want to buy new windows; you should know why you’re buying them. Is it for improving your home’s energy efficiency? Maybe stainable frames to match your indoor trim? Perhaps windows that admit more natural light? Whenever you need to make a critical decision, refer to these details.
  4. Establish your budget – Once you have an idea of how much your remodeling project will cost, add another 10% on top of it. This additional amount will be your emergency budget to be used for incidentals and other unforeseen expenses.
  5. Be flexible with the start date – We understand that summer is the ideal time to have home improvements done, which is why it’s the busiest season for us contractors. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t schedule your projects in the fall. Replacement windows, for instance, take only about 1 to 2 days to install, so a late fall installation shouldn’t make a difference.

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