6 Distinctive Designs That Make Windows a Knockout

Windows are usually just a part of the scenery, blending in with the décor in the background. When your space lacks a worthy focal point to make a statement, though, thinking your window design could give it a head-turning accent.

Windows a Knockout

To lend more interest to your home, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County shares some clever inspirations:

1. Corner Double-Hung Windows

Any window company would recommend installing a corner glass unit when the opportunity knocks. Corner windows are always a marvel to behold with the way they photograph panoramic outdoor views. They let in a profusion of natural light too, facing two directions to catch more sun than individual windows.

But instead of making them fixed, we suggest the double-hung style. Double-hung windows provide adequate ventilation and options to elevate your privacy levels by covering the bottom sash.

2. Tall Glass Walls

Nobody needs to tell you why towering window walls are attractive. They capture as much piece of the outside world as possible. When oriented to scenic landscapes, they can easily turn nature to artworks.

3. Shapely Clerestories

Curvy, high-rise glass units always make quaint architectural features. They make otherwise ignored, underutilized wall spaces, like pediments, fascinating. Instead of installing the usual square or rectangular windows, oculus ones are refreshing to the eye.

4. Decorative Window by the Seat

For a narrow window seat that couldn’t accommodate regular-sized glass unit, outfit it with one embellished with glass patterns or grilles. Any experienced windows contractor would attest that little but appealing details are the trend.

5. Mixed Window Styles

Another way to make your rooms visually arresting is by equipping each wall with a different window. Diversifying styles can spruce up drab spaces. Using frame and trim colors and grilles, you could still inject uniformity among window varieties.

6. Oval Sidelights

A pair of oblong sidelights flanking your front door can make a grand welcome. Our uniquely shaped Fibrex® and vinyl windows bring more art into your entry, making your façade scream for attention. When designed half the size of your door, these oval portholes would usher in sunshine without giving up too much privacy.

Let your imagination run wild to make the most of your window replacement in Orange County, CA. To schedule your in-home consultation and get a free estimate, call Renewal by Andersen of Orange County now at (949) 216-7711.