Advantages of having picture windows at home

Orange County in the sunny state of California offers not just an almost perfect weather all year long. Most homeowners here will tell you that what attracts them the most in the area is the gorgeous sceneries and views. What with the continuous beaches on one side and the rolling hills on the other, living here will be the closest you can get to living in paradise.

Because of the breath-taking views, people often opt for homes situated on the hills with the purpose of maximizing OC’s wonderful scenery. Couple Cleo and McShane Murnane, for instance, constructed their dream home atop a hill:

The first design decision the couple had to make was settling on where to situate the house on the hillside. They considered putting it at street level, which would have been less expensive and required less excavation than putting it higher on the lot. But they didn’t want to sacrifice the expansive views at the top. So they put the garage at the lower level and placed the two-story house above.

It’s nearly 70 steep steps to the front door of the house, but sweeping views of the Hollywood Hills and San Gabriel Mountains reward the climb. In the main living area, an open floor plan, expansive sliding glass doors and a sloping roof slightly elevated on the western side maximize those views.

You too, as an Orange County resident can make the most of the place’s beautiful surroundings. What you can do is to “frame” a stunning view by installing picture windows in your Orange County home so that even if you are just relaxing in your favorite couch, you’ll be able to enjoy the magnificent view around you.

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(Article Excerpt from From Couple builds a Silver Lake hillside home with views,, May 17, 2014)