Avoiding Scams When Getting New Entry Doors in Orange Country, CA

When it comes to any home repair project, there are almost always fraudulent companies going around trying to make a quick buck out of unsuspecting people. From roofing scams to getting new entry doors in Orange County, CA, a homeowner should always be careful of any possible risks that could potentially cost a fortune in damages or services not rendered. To give just one example of a home repair scam, here is information provided by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors:

Recent fraudulent home repairs reported in Maricopa county and Coconino county via ‘door-to-door’ solicitations. Typically, the elderly are targeted and suspects often peruse the obituaries in order to determine those most vulnerable and who may have recently received insurance and/or government checks. Avoid door-to-door solicitors who offer to perform various ‘reduced cost’ home repairs (painting, roofing, driveway paving) or who advise they have left over materials from a previous job and can offer a great deal.

The source also goes further to describe the appearance of the suspects, being Caucasian males driving a new pick-up truck or van and often with out-of-state license plates. It also describes the scam as often becoming a nightmare, plagued with bogus work and defective materials, as opposed to what initially appeared to be a great deal.

Again, scams can happen anywhere, can be perpetrated by anyone, and can be about any project involving the rendering of services or transfer of goods. Homeowners must, therefore, always be careful, whether you are replacing your windows or your entry doors in Orange County. Learn how to spot the “wolf-in-sheep’s-clothing” deals so that you can avoid the hassle and the stress of being duped.

You can check with the Better Business Bureau, friends and families, past customers, and other such sources about how reliable certain companies are. In Orange County, trusted names like Renewal by Andersen of Orange County have years of experience providing professional services and do not need to perform elaborate scams just to earn money.

Remember that your door is not just for aesthetics—it is installed to keep your home safe and secure. If you put your money on scammers, it might not just be the money you’d lose, but the security provided by a high-quality entry door that’s properly installed.

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