Awning Windows in Santa Ana, California

Santa Ana, California homeowners can now enjoy the style and practicality of an awning Renewal window from Andersen Windows. Since these windows operate by an easy-to-use crank, they are perfect for hard-to-reach areas like counters and basements. By replacing your least-opened windows with awning windows, you’ll be able to enjoy a cool breeze and the California sunshine more often.

The awning window is great for Santa Ana homeowners who want a window they can depend on both during the winter and summer. When open, the window provides the right amount of breeze to freshen up a kitchen during cool weather. In the middle of summer, however, its weather strip, double locking system and Low-E4™ glass keep the heat outside where it belongs. In any season, the large glass area is designed to let in more light, brightening a room without raising energy costs.

With a variety of grille patterns, casing colors, and glass and hardware options, awning windows from Andersen Windows are versatile enough to add style to any Santa Ana, California home. Customize yours with any hinge configuration and a variety of handle options to fit your home.

While you won’t use awning windows for every room in your home, many homeowners find that these large, convenient windows are just right for bringing more of the outdoors into certain rooms of their home without raising energy costs.

Contact the professionals at Dial One Windows to see how awning windows in Santa Ana, California, can improve the look and feel of your home.