Awning Windows: the Right Fit for Window Replacement in Orange County

If your home in Orange County has had the same set of window frames and panes for the past decade or so, you might want to consider a window replacement project. Newer windows are now designed to be less conductive, and are fitted with durable frames and thicker panes for better insulation. A Chicago Tribune article recommends awning windows that provide a high level of protection against air leaks and other unique benefits.

Install an awning window image

Replacing an old window with a new energy-efficient unit can make a remarkable improvement to a room, not to mention lower energy bills. An awning window provides light and opens outward to catch the breeze, making it a good choice in any room. The sash closes tightly against the frame, making it better than a traditional double-hung unit at stopping air infiltration.

Unlike casement windows, awning windows open from the top and create an eave-like structure that directs raindrops away from the wall to prevent them from entering the house. This feature is rather helpful if you wish to keep your home properly ventilated and protected from unexpected downpours. As such, your interiors and furniture won’t easily get wet even if you leave your windows open while you’re away. Consider having awing windows installed in strategic areas for your next Orange County window replacement.

A single large awning window is often used in a kitchen over a sink; pairs of them often flank other windows or are arranged together over large patio doors. When you remodel a basement, replacing an old awning window goes a long way toward making the space down under more livable and attractive.

Meanwhile, you also need to watch out for the possibility that insects might enter your home while the awning window sashes are wide open. In this case, you not only need to worry about damage to your furniture but also the potential health risks these insects may carry. Luckily, you can count on a trusted Orange County, CA window replacement contractor like Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County to install detachable screen protectors on your awning windows as a precaution against possible insect infestation.


(Article Information and Image from Install an Awning Window, Chicago Tribune)