Best Window Styles for Every Room

A good rule of thumb in tackling a window replacement is to plan it on room by room. Since every home area functions differently, this approach helps you equip each living space with the right type of unit.


Best Window Styles

In Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County’s book, these are the ideal windows for every room in your home:

Picture Windows for the Living Room

The living room is typically the most spacious part of your home. Therefore, it can accommodate large glass units better than other rooms. It’s your prestige area, and so you should outfit it with picture windows that could frame beautiful outdoor landscapes to enhance its beauty.

Mind, installing expansive windows would only make sense if they face scenic panoramas. Otherwise, all you’d get are views of neighboring homes and vehicles on the street.

Bay Windows with Casement Flankers for the Kitchen Sink

All windows that provide adequate daylighting and ventilation would work wonders for the kitchen. However, when the sink is in question, we strongly recommend the bay with casement flankers. Double-hung units are hard to operate by the sink because the countertop makes the upper sash difficult to reach.

On the other hand, you can easily crank out the two casement windows for maximum ventilation. And since the bay catches the sun from at least three directions, you can admit a profusion of sunlight to illuminate your busy kitchen area.

Double-Hung Windows for the Bathroom

Like kitchens, bathrooms need ventilation and daylighting too to prevent excessive humidity and prevent accidents. Unfortunately, privacy is also a concern. To solve this, we recommend double-hung units. You can cover their bottom sash to hide your bathroom activities from prying eyes while leaving their top sash open to expel moist air.

Casement or Gliding Windows for the Bedroom

Egress is the number one consideration for bedroom windows. Most local building codes require a sizable wall opening to provide an easy way out, or in, in case of emergency. To comply with regulations, we recommend either casement or gliding windows. Both units tend to cover large apertures and are easy to operate.

Choosing the right window styles for every room is a tricky business. Your home’s orientation to the sun, architecture, and direction of the wind are only some of the considerations to keep in mind. At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, we can assess your situation and offer sound recommendations to meet your functional and aesthetic needs.

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