Casement Style Orange County Windows Make Sense for Ranch-style Homes

Two well-known architectural styles that California has truly made its own are the craftsman and ranch styles. Tony Guerra’s article for discusses the stand-out features of ranch-style homes, which can be found in areas like Orange County.

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Interior Features

Ranch-style homes feature open floor plans throughout. This means all of the major rooms flow one into the other. For example, a living room may be undivided by a wall separating it from a dining room or kitchen. They’re also usually built with full basements or on a slab. Those with basements are often seen in the Midwest. Ranch homes on slabs are mostly seen in California and in the southwestern part of the country.

Exterior Features

Ranch homes have a number of distinguishing exterior features, including a long, low roofline. Brick, wood or stucco are the three most common exterior materials used in ranch-style homes. A garage attached to the home is the norm as well. A well-designed ranch-style home will usually have large windows. This is especially the case for the living room, which normally features a large picture window.

One main advantage of having picture windows is that once the blinds or curtains are drawn, you can get a full view of the outside—whether it’s a lovely garden or a gorgeous sunset. These windows are merely for viewing, however, and you can’t open them in case you wish to let in a cool breeze. Fortunately, you can opt for casement style Orange County windows that provide optimum ventilation.

Casement windows in Orange County homes typically consist of two windows that can be opened outwards from the center. A crank mechanism allows you to open casement windows to let some fresh air into your home, and easily close your windows to keep out heavy rains. Casement windows with glass sheets uninterrupted by grilles can look like fixed windows when shut and allow you to enjoy great views of the surrounding scenery, thereby making them the perfect alternative to large picture windows.

Ranch homes are known for their open floor plans and light, airy interiors. Casement windows that provide abundant natural light and ventilation can be the perfect window option for your ranch-style home’s patio or living room. You can turn to reputable window specialists like Renewal by Andersen of Orange County who know exactly how to fit your new casement windows with energy-efficient glass and thereby allow you to enjoy significant energy savings.

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