Casements: Great Options for Energy-Efficient windows in Orange County

According to San Francisco Gate, windows can become energy-efficient in more ways than one, particularly when taking their insulation material into account. “Different types of insulation do different things, with some blocking light, some blocking airflow and others stopping the heat transference process that allows warmth to flow from one material to another.” In other words, “insulation” is a key feature buyers should consider when looking for new or replacement windows.

Types of Insulated Windows Image

After all, most homeowners these days would rather go for more economical choices that allow them to save on energy and maintenance costs. However, the most practical and cost-effective windows can hardly be pleasing to the eye if they don’t match the home’s overall design, and consequently may even contribute to a sense of discomfort indoors.

As such, most window companies ensure that energy-efficient Orange County windows also appeal to both homeowners and potential property buyers. Homeowners can count on a trusted window installer and replacement expert like Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County to offer a wide range of new or replacement windows.

Casements are well-known for their versatility and simplicity, particularly since they can accommodate insulated and film-coated glass panes. These windows are hinged at the side, top, or bottom and either open inward or outward with a crank or lever mechanism. Casement windows also create a tight seal when closed, which prevents air leakage. Design-wise, these windows suit any home with a modern aesthetic, and are usually installed in kitchens and living rooms to let in fresh air without much effort.

Meanwhile, it should be noted that casement windows do have certain size limitations. Given that they typically open outward, these windows must, therefore, be light enough for openings to support. Homeowners who insist on installing large windows may want to opt for other styles instead.

Awning windows, though not as energy-efficient as casement windows, can house large, insulated glass panes without much trouble. Fixed picture windows in Orange County, which cannot be opened or closed for additional ventilation, nonetheless provide optimum illumination and can be customized for windows of various shapes and sizes. Regardless of one’s preferred window style, it pays to hire a trusted installer such as Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County.


(Article Information and Image from Types of Insulated Windows, San Francisco Gate)