Choosing the Right Color and Style for Entry Doors in Orange County CA

If your home represents a book, the front door would be the cover. This important part of your home is more than just a focal point; it can, in fact, emphasize a home’s character and make a lasting impact. If you want to impress visitors or simply add curb appeal to your abode, your front or entry door should shine.

How to Choose a Front Door Color Image

Getting the best entry doors in Orange County CA depends on factors such as door type and of course, the color. Selecting the perfect color for your door, however, is not easy. You need to know a few color basics and schemes. A Better Homes and Gardens article adds that understanding your home’s style is also essential:

Although there are certain “rules” when it comes to mixing and matching colors, there are also cues that come from your home’s style and its colors. For example, a pastel hue might look out of place with the ornamentation on an English Tudor style house. Depending on its paint palette, a glossy black front door might not work when paired with a centuries-old Victorian home, while a Mediterranean-influenced design might feel perfectly in tune with a bright turquoise-color door.

The bottom line is to choose a color that suits your home’s style. You may experiment and try different shades to match your preference with the overall look of your home. It’s also important to pick a color that reflects your own personality or how you wish to express yourself, because certain hues can speak volumes:

Color can also generate emotion. A brighter hue can offer energy to the front door, while a more subdued one plays up a traditional feel. A darker hue is more somber, a lighter one tends to be playful.

The color, however, is not just the only aspect that has to be considered. The type of door you prefer also matters and fiberglass composite is one of the smart choices being maintenance-free. This door can resist rust, cracks, warping, and dents. Moreover, it’s energy-efficient and a good insulating material. For fiberglass doors, you can consult Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, a company that specializes in entry doors for Orange County.

Make a bold statement and impress your neighbors with the right type of door that comes in a beautiful color. Remember that doors represent you and your home, so never forget to pick only the best one.

(Article Excerpt and Image from How to Choose a Front Door Color, Better Homes and Gardens)