Common Replacement Window Myths

While today’s technology has paved the way for the creation of energy-efficient windows, there are some homeowners who are still doubtful of their benefits. This is due to some existing replacement window misconceptions that may discourage homeowners from seeking them for their benefits. Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses these myths and the truths behind them.

Window Myths

Myth 1: Wood Windows are Better

The truth is that vinyl windows are better than wood. Wood is susceptible to the effects of moisture, unlike vinyl windows, which are water-resistant. Furthermore, vinyl windows don’t require the rigid upkeep of wood windows.

Our replacement windows in Orange County, CA, however, come with Fibrex® frames, which offer all the beauty and twice the strength of wood, as well as the low-maintenance qualities of vinyl. This means Fibrex will not rot or warp, despite adverse conditions.

Myth 2: Replacing Windows Require Major Renovations

This isn’t always the case. You can replace windows without the need to remove any brick, stucco, or sheetrock. In fact, most window replacement projects only take a few days to finish. For example, our installation process doesn’t require us to do any major changes to your home. We’ll take your old window’s custom measurements to ensure your desired window fits your home perfectly.

Afterwards, we’ll inspect the surrounding area of your old window frame to see if there are any issues and will fix existing ones before installing your new windows. Once we finish installing and checking your double hung windows in Orange County, CA, to make sure they’re working properly, we’ll clean up the work area.

Myth 3: Window Replacement Can Be Done by Anyone

Installing a window may look easy but faulty installation can lead to problems such as drafts that can cause discomfort for your household. By hiring an experienced and highly-trained window installer like us, you have the assurance of a flawless window installation. Furthermore, our windows come with a strong warranty for your peace of mind.

At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, you can count on us to provide you with a reliable and efficient window replacement job. Whether you’re looking for a wood or vinyl casement windows in Orange County, CA, you can expect us to provide you with windows that have the advantages of both. Call us today at (949) 216-7711 for more information about our window installation.