Composite Vinyl Windows in Orange County Help Boost Energy Efficiency

One of the main reasons homeowners typically choose to replace their windows is to benefit from new window models’ energy-efficient designs. Peter Walsh lists down some pointers on choosing efficient windows in his article for

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But it’s easy to become overwhelmed trying to figure out which windows are right for your home. Shopping locally is a good idea. Windows vary by region, so you’ll get the best advice from retailers that have experience in your climate. Choosing windows from major manufacturers is also key. They sell a lot of windows and have the muscle behind them to produce quality products.

Remember, as with anything, you get what you pay for. Go cheap and you’ll end up replacing your windows sooner than expected. To help you decipher the keys to energy-saving windows, here are some tips.

Walsh then goes on to talk about the energy-efficient properties of different window materials. Wood and vinyl emerge as the top choices when it comes to energy efficiency as well as availability. In any case, consumers need to keep in mind that windows with wooden frames are highly energy efficient yet prone to rot. Vinyl windows on the other hand, are not only energy-efficient, but are also low-maintenance and durable.

Vinyl tends to fade over time, however, and experts warn that anything made with this material can get deformed when subjected to excessive heat. Given these properties of wood and vinyl, it may be more ideal to opt for composite vinyl windows in Orange County, where the warm and sunny climate may not be kind to vinyl. The fusion of wood and vinyl in a composite enhances each material’s insulating abilities while compensating for their individual weaknesses.

Walsh gives other tips on choosing energy-efficient windows, including looking for glass with Low-E coatings and gas fillings, as well as windows with low U-factors. Energy-efficient composite vinyl windows in Orange County, CA, such as those supplied by Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, provide better insulation and, consequently, help reduce energy costs. In addition, installing the right window accessories, such as vinyl-clad shutters, can further improve the energy efficiency of one’s home.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Tips for Choosing Efficient Windows, HGTV Remodels)