Creating a Classic Home with Renewal by Andersen® Windows

Double hung, bay, and casement windows are classic styles that never go old. These window types can recreate your traditional home’s vintage look, reliving its distinctive character and boosting curb appeal. At Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County, we combine Old-World window design with excellent use of modern technology. This results in replacement windows with iconic details and timeless performance. Here are the many ways our custom-built units can accentuate and preserve your home’s aesthetic:

Renewal by Andersen® Windows

Staying True to Your Home’s Architecture

Our experienced design consultant is adept at all types of architecture. Irrespective of what architectural style your home has, we’ll lend your replacement windows with the right elements to match your home’s style.

For instance, we’d embellish your double hung windows with 12-over-12 grilles to be consistent with Georgian or Federal home’s trademark look. If you live in a Cape-style home, we’d tweak the grille pattern a little bit to give it its quintessential units.

To achieve historical accuracy, you can rely on our deep knowledge of window designs among traditional architectural styles. With meticulous attention to detail, your replacement units would act as a portal back to your home’s birth period.

Taking the Good without the Bad

Recreating your traditional home’s classic windows doesn’t mean replacing them in kind. Oftentimes, homeowners change their old units with the same exact framing material and glazing technology. Doing so would only improve your home on the surface.

At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, every window replacement we make is a reliable upgrade. We realistically mimic the appearance of old-fashioned units and arm them with modern green features. In turn, our traditional double hung, bay, and casement windows are many times more energy-efficient than old units. This means you can enjoy lower utility bills, clearer outdoor views, and more daylighting.

Making Beauty Last

You can expect our replacement units to retain their pristine condition naturally over the years. Thanks to our exclusive Fibrex® material, our window frames expand and contract very little and retain their weathertight seal for decades. Despite constant exposure to damaging UV rays, the exterior color finish of our windows would remain as vibrant as when they were first installed.

Furthermore, they can be as stylish as they are functional for years with carefree maintenance. Their glass prevents water spotting by up to 99% when hit by sunlight. Their pre-coated frames and sashes also do not need repainting.

We are the expert installer that Orange County, CA, homeowners can turn to for classic windows that last. Call us today at (949) 216-7711 to schedule your no-obligation, in-home consultation. You can also request a free estimate when you fill out our contact form.