Which Door Design Enhances Your Home’s Space?

Most homeowners think of doors as nothing more than static set pieces that are completely all-function. But your doors can actually enhance and define your space, and even serve as art piece by themselves. So which door design enhances your home’s space? Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses more.

Door Design

Doors and Architectural Design

Always think of your doors as an extension of your living space’s architectural design. This means that their appearance contributes to the overall look and feel of your room. It follows that the design of the doors should match or complement the overall design, so if you have a more contemporary space, the doors you’ll be picking should have a contemporary design, too.

We recommend our sliding glass doors for contemporary designed homes. They boast a minimalist design and large glass panes, making them ideal for extensions to your sunroom or your patio area. Their simple design also complements the overall contemporary feel of your living spaces.

Traditional Door Design

If you’re worried about finding the best door design for your traditional spaces, don’t worry – most door designs are primarily catered to more classic homes, and only a few of them are completely designed for contemporary spaces. As mentioned earlier, the overall style of your new door should match the indoor space for the seamless design to work.

French doors remain a popular choice for many homeowners since they have a simple yet elegant design that really complements traditional architectural elements. They also let a generous amount of light inside your living space and make perfect entryways for your patio or porch area.

Door Material

Whether you go with our sliding or French doors, all of our door styles feature high performance and strength thanks to the materials we use. We use composite vinyl for all of our doors instead of wood and cedar. This means the product you get is virtually immune to rot and water damage while still boasting the same aesthetics of wood.

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