Excellent Design Ideas for Your French Doors

French doors are a must-have at home. Apart from earning a rock-solid reputation from being aesthetically pleasing, they’re great functional pieces too.

French Doors

To make the most of these classic, hinged exterior doors, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County offers some useful tips:

Don’t Break the Glass for Luxury

French doors traditionally have grilles, but going without them creates an upscale look. Regardless of your home’s architectural style, exterior doors with unbroken glass can produce a seamless indoor-outdoor connection. They play tricks on anyone, creating the illusion of a larger space.

Like sliding glass doors, grille-less French doors offer you unobstructed visual access to the adjoining home area. As transitional pieces, they can make you feel like you’re in both spaces while you’re physically in just one of them.

Balance Daylighting and Privacy

Open or closed, French doors admit natural light in every possible chance.  To maximize daylighting without giving up privacy, however, you need to pick the right glass.

At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, we offer high-performance glass packages to block solar heat and UV rays while capturing plenty of sunshine at the same time. Also, we provide patterned glass options to obscure the outdoor view and elevate your privacy.

Up the Security Factor

As exterior pieces, never skimp on locks when choosing your French doors. Sturdy frames and thick glass mean nothing if any intruder could easily pick their locking mechanism.

On top of the usual deadbolt, our hinged French door systems come with a 5-point locking system. When you activate them all, both panels would be hooked to one another and one would be attached to the header and the threshold. Plus, you can also add an exterior keyed lock for an extra measure of security.

Be it for your patio, balcony, or deck, choose Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County to customize your exterior doors to the last detail. We are trusted by homeowners in Orange County, CA, and the surrounding areas. Call us today at (949) 216-7711 to discuss your project and get your free estimate.