FAQs on First Time Window & Door Replacement

Getting new windows and doors is a big step for any homeowner to make. There’s the vast range of options, the budget you have, and the amount of work and time to install them. Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County answers three commonly asked questions for those undertaking their first window or door replacement.

What is the problem with my old windows and doors?

One reason some people shy away from home improvement projects is that they feel they can save more by just repairing their old ones. That might be viable when the problems are minimal, but door and window replacement in Orange County is a more practical option in some situations. What are things that you need to watch out for that are beyond repair?

  • Rot is something that’s difficult to stop. There’s no way to restore rotted wood once it sets. This kind of damage also tends to spread.
  • Outdated hardware is also a major problem, especially for window models that have been out of circulation for several years or more.
  • Keep an eye out for difficulty of operation with your doors and windows. This is caused by a lot of problems compounding one another—like expanded wood or rusted joints—that are best dealt with replacement.

Getting a new window or doors as opposed to constantly needing repairs might entail a one-time expenditure. Nevertheless, it does away with small incremental investments that will add up over time.

What is the installation process like?

In over a century, we’ve developed a unique process that smoothly guides all our installation jobs. From start to finish, we focus on providing you with a relaxing, reliable, and stress-free experience. Even before we begin, we make sure that you know everything about the project. The day we arrive, we have all the materials we will need to ensure an efficient process.

We will make sure to cover and protect your floors, walls, and furniture from any dirt and damage. The actual installation will be fast, as we already have all the information and measurements that we need. We won’t leave until we’re sure that everything is a snug fit and all is clean than when we arrived.

Why should I get your windows and doors?

It’s difficult to sort through the unique selling points of many different brands of Orange County replacement windows and doors. What makes Renewal by Andersen of Orange County unique is our choice of materials for our products.

We use Fibrex® for our frames, which is far more resilient and durable than wood by composition. For the glass components, we rely on High-Performance™ Low-E4®, which regulates the flow of heat through its surface, minimizing the load on you air conditioner or heater. The innate energy-efficiency of both materials lowers your energy expenses monthly. These come standard in all our products.

For a window and door replacement experience that is dependable and a worthwhile investment, call Renewal by Andersen of Orange County. We’ll be more than happy to answer any more questions about your windows and doors that you might have.