Fibrex® vs. Vinyl: Which One is the Superior in Every Way?

Most homeowners nowadays usually settle for less expensive materials for their home improvement projects like replacement windows. But at what cost? Sure, these less expensive materials like vinyl will provide the necessary functions you paid them for but did you know you could have had so much more benefits from more quality products if you just chose to spend a few dollars more? What about when these materials get broken? The money you spend on repairs could have been those additional dollars you spent on a less maintenance type of windows. For places like Orange County in California where the climate is warm, you could have saved a lot more money if you had windows that are more energy efficient.

A better alternative to vinyl would be a Fibrex® composite window. Below is a list of how this composite material for your window replacement in Orange County outperforms vinyl:

• Strength – Fibrex® composite using real wood fiber, which means narrower frames which, in turn, means more glass area. Vinyl however, the frames are known to have a higher expansion/contraction rate and can bow, breaking the glass seal.

• Insulation – Fibrex® has superior thermal insulating properties. Combined with Andersen® High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass, this helps your home stay warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

• Low Maintenance – Fibrex® material never needs scraping or painting. It won’t rot, decay or mold.

• Beauty – Fibrex® frame and sash design reflect the shape and lines of your original windows. The unique extruded Fibrex material can be made into any kind of window – including curved specialty windows. Whereas vinyl frame material is often thicker, reducing glass area. Fiberglass can only be made into straight lineal.

• Environmental Responsibility – 40$ of the raw material by weight used to make Fibrex material is clean, reclaimed wood fiber

• Warranty – a window is not just glass and some framing material. It’s a precise combination of glass, frame and quality installation. We back it all with a 20/2/10 Limited Warranty* that is one of the best in the business.

Clearly, Fibrex® material is more beneficial than vinyl and we at Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County recognize this that is why it is the product we use. We want our fellow homeowners to get the best quality Orange County replacement windows to protect their homes, be energy efficient and environmentally friendly at the same time.