Gliding Windows: Better Views For Your Home

Gliding Windows

Windows open grand outdoor views to your living spaces and can actually establish the “illusion of space” that your room is actually bigger than it really is. But what window style can give you maximum views while still providing great airtight sealing? Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County discusses why you should get gliding windows.


Gliding Windows Open Up Your Views

The aesthetic benefit of our gliding windows is that they let in great outdoor views into your living space, and this helps free up some visual clutter. Also, the views aren’t interrupted by intricate design since the glass panes of these windows are very large and take up nearly the entirety of the window.

We recommend these particular windows for both living rooms and bedrooms. Unlike fixed-pane windows, gliding windows still give you the option to open them up in case you want to adjust your ventilation. Opening them is easy, too, since the window slides open both ways.

Energy Efficiency

Our gliding windows boast high ENERGY STAR® ratings, which means they are engineered to reduce energy costs on top of improving your home’s natural ventilation and insulation. The secret lies in our patented Low-E4® glass panes, which are specifically designed to reduce UV light intrusion while still allowing ample daylight in.

Low-Maintenance Windows

Finally, gliding windows require very low maintenance when you compare them to other styles since they have fewer parts than conventional windows. They also don’t use springs and pulleys, which means less repair in the long run.

If you want energy-efficient windows that are low-maintenance and boast excellent outdoor views, then gliding windows should be your choice. Give us a call at (949) 216-711 for a free estimate on our replacement services. We replace and install gliding windows throughout Orange County and Mission Viejo, CA.