Home Improvement Advice: Which Window for Your Home?

Artwork of a window on the stage as if vying in a beauty pageantThere’s a sizeable variety of window styles available these days. The sheer number can be overwhelming, especially if design isn’t really your strong suit.

It pays to do your research beforehand. The experts in window replacement Orange County homeowners trust weigh in. Here are our recommendations:

  • Double-hung units are often considered as the most traditional-looking of all window types. For this reason, they’re typically used in homes with more old-world styling. Immensely space-saving, they can be installed in almost any room without having to make significant structural changes.

Rows of double-hung windows create eye-catching symmetry, as what was done for this classically elegant house. They also work well in bay areas, as seen in this home.

  • Casements are more versatile, design-wise. Known for their simple and clean aesthetic, they can be used in both traditional and contemporary schemes. They feature hand cranks that allow the sashes to swing open, just like door panels would.

Because they’re very easy to operate, they let you control the amount of air that enters your home. This makes them the ideal window type for adding ventilation in rooms and sitting areas such as this one.

  • Picture windows make great additions to your home even though they can’t be opened or closed. They typically feature narrower frames for a bigger viewing area. They’re great for making the most of the spectacular scenery outside your home.

Many homeowners these days are getting creative in utilizing picture units. One of its surprising uses is in the dining area. What a way to use nature as a backdrop while having meals with family or friends!

  • Specialty windows are perfect for homeowners who like to experiment with their interiors. They come in an array of sizes and attention-grabbing shapes. Like picture windows, these units can’t be opened or closed. However, they can easily be paired with operable windows if you need to ventilate or add more natural lighting to a room.

This creative homeowner installed a Circle Top™ unit over the entry doors. Talk about a dramatic entrance!

Need help visualizing your next window replacement in Orange County CA? You can check out the images in our gallery to get an idea which units would look best in your home.

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