How to Take Care of Your Sliding Window Replacement in Orange County

Sunny Orange County in California is the perfect place to have a sliding window installed. This type of window allows two points of entry for ventilation, and gives the homeowner a good view of the outdoors. Its design advantage makes the sliding window a popular choice for window replacement in Orange County.

Simple-Maintenance-300x207Unlike casement windows, however, sliding windows require a different maintenance procedure. An article on Let’, a blog dedicated to information about replacement windows and doors, says:

Once you’ve made the investment in sliding windows, it’s important to take care of them properly. Routine care and maintenance can add years to the life of your sliding windows as well as keeping them looking as good as new. Thanks to modern technologies in window manufacturing, today’s windows are easier than ever to care for. Annual and routine care and maintenance now takes less time than ever and can be done even by those who consider themselves DIY Flunkies.

According to the article, sliding windows can be easy to maintain if you follow a few tips on regular procedures that you need to stick to.
Be Gentle
Never forcibly open your window or slam it shut. If it’s stuck, don’t pull it hard. Debris or dust have probably accumulated in its track; slide it slowly or lubricate the track to ease it open. Like any tool, a window treated harshly will eventually give in; proper use helps keep it looking new.

Clean Regularly
Avoid future problems with your sliding windows if you make sure they are cleaned and well-maintained regularly. Wash them with water once a week to ensure their guides and tracks are free of dust and debris. Clean them thoroughly once a month to make the glass shiny and clear.

Make occasional checkups
Technological advancements have made it possible for homeowners to check windows occasionally, but these checkups must be done faithfully. Once in a while—especially after some major natural phenomenon like a typhoon or a snowstorm—check your windows for weatherproofing, sliding abnormalities, level of water damage, and the like. Leaving a small problematic spot in your window will become your window’s cancerous tumor.

Alongside check-ups, your windows must be repaired immediately if a part was found to be missing or damaged. Make sure you know where to source window parts even before any damage happens. For any problems beyond your basic window-handyman skills, never hesitate to inform the nearest Orange County replacement windows provider such as Renewal by Andersen.

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