Key Remodels to Make Your Home Summer-Ready

Summer is just around the corner. As early as now, you should tackle the right remodels to ready yourself for the long, hot days while keeping your cooling costs low.

Window Upgrade

In Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County’s book, these are the home improvement projects you should prioritize for maximum energy efficiency:

Window Upgrade

If you should still have old-fashioned wood windows, now is the time to replace them. Chances are, they have outdated glazing that doesn’t perform that well in terms of reflecting the heat and protecting against UV radiation. Besides, upgrading your windows would also eliminate taxing maintenance and give you better daylighting opportunities.

Our custom windows are available in different High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass solutions with an argon gas blend. They keep the sun’s unwanted rays out while letting the visible light through. Unlike wood, our exclusive framing material, Fibrex®, repels moisture exceptionally to stay structurally sound and nearly maintenance-free for the years to come. Since Fibrex is partly made from wood fiber, it features the superior strength and remarkable insulating quality of real timber.

Patio Door Installation

Considering its large glass, replacing your inefficient patio door system would boost your home’s energy performance. Compared to windows, patio doors have low glass-to-frame ratios, increasing the value of energy-saving glazing to achieve amazing energy efficiency.

Our hinged and gliding patio doors also come in our High-Performance Low-E4 glass packages. If you choose our top-rated insulating glass, the SmartSun™, expect your patio doors to send most of the sun’s infrared and UV rays back to the sky. Despite its impressive energy efficiency features, SmartSun doesn’t affect the clarity or color of the visible light. As a result, you can take pleasure from vibrant views and enjoy a profusion of natural light inside your home.

Entry Door Replacement

Although entry doors are mostly solid, replacing your leaky one can help you maintain your desired indoor temperature using less electricity. You’d be surprised how much energy you’re losing around the gaps of your drafty front door.

At Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, we offer a large selection of low-maintenance and energy-efficient entry door products. You can choose from different materials and customize the design to the last detail to meet your unique functional and aesthetic needs.

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