New Windows and Doors in Orange County, CA Meet Consumer Requirements

window and door shortages image Last June 2013, published an article written by John G. Swanson, asking door and window manufacturers and dealers if they were seeing “evidence of window and door shortages”. The article was updated in July to show the following survey results:

window and door shortages survey image

It seems there’s still plenty of capacity in the industry, with more than two-thirds of our respondents reporting that they have seen no evidence of product shortages in the market.

The poll results do reinforce the NAHB and NLBMDA findings, however, suggesting there are regions where demand may be strong enough to be creating some strains–at least for some types of products. About a quarter of respondents report some problems in the market, and 6 percent said such problems were widespread.

The survey was prompted by a report from the NAHB and the NLBMDA which revealed existing difficulties among consumers in getting new doors and windows. As the survey results reveal, however, a large majority in the fenestration industry do not experience any kind of shortage which may have been limited only to certain markets. When it comes to Orange County, CA windows and doors, suppliers like Renewal by Andersen of Orange County continue to serve their markets without any known supply problems.

One of the factors which may have led to a perception of an industry shortage is the strong demand for doors and windows, as propelled by the rebound in the real estate industry. The increasing number of consumers who are building new homes, or are renovating existing ones, also highlights the kind of doors and windows preferred by new and existing homeowners. According to industry experts, today’s consumers are drawn toward energy-efficient and easy-to-maintain doors and windows.

Door and window industry insiders say that a large majority of consumers are aware of the energy-efficient properties of new doors and windows, and as such consciously shop for products that could generate considerable energy savings. Such products made of vinyl are quite popular because of their durability and ease of maintenance. Additionally, suppliers like Renewal by Andersen offer innovative composite wood and Fibrex doors and windows in Orange County as a response to the fast-evolving requirements of today’s discerning consumers.

(Article Excerpt and Image from Are You Seeing Window and Door Shortages?, Window&Door, June 25, 2013)