Part Three: Your Home and Your Windows – Utility Rooms

We’ve covered windows for living rooms and windows for bedrooms. To cap off this series, let’s explore tips and suggestions on how to make the most out of windows in bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Bathrooms and laundry areas are important to the overall functionality of the home, and so are their windows. Consider these window accessories to bridge the gap between comfort, security and privacy.

  • Wooden blinds. They let in light while still keeping out prying eyes, and coordinate with almost any décor.
  • Window film. Stylish and modern, window film is available in various options to add value to your bathroom’s aesthetics, while granting you the privacy that you need. Some types of window films are also engineered to reduce energy consumption.
  • Glass blocks. Also rising in popularity, these panes obscure views of your home’s interiors from prying eyes. They are also ideal for letting in natural light, with some models manufactured for enhanced energy performance.
  • Café curtains. Café curtains cover up the bottom half of the window, without sacrificing the available upper space, which is useful for daylighting.

Where you choose to install your windows can also affect how secure you’ll be able to keep your bathroom. Window units installed higher, for instance, combine the benefits of keeping out intruding eyes with the benefits of passive daylighting and ventilation. Just make sure that you orient your windows with the position of the sun in mind, so that you reduce glare as well as unwanted heat transfer and accumulation.

Laundry rooms, on the other hand, do not really require windows. But if you want to install one, ventilation is key. Daylighting is always good, but on hot summer days, you may want a breeze. Some dryers can be connected to vents from outside, and a window is useful for such a purpose.