Part Two: Your Home and Your Windows – The Bedroom

In the first part of this series, we covered the best kinds of windows for the living room. Now, let’s move on to the bedroom.

Bedrooms are our private spaces, which means they must be kept away from prying eyes. Just about any style works for bedroom windows, with the most popular being awning and casement. Choosing windows for your bedroom, however, should not only hinge upon which styles or treatments provide privacy.

The International Residential Building Code requires that an egress window be installed in any room used for sleeping. An egress window is a window that provides a means of exit from the home in case of emergency situations. As such, it is important to do your research prior to installing a window unit. Basements used for sleeping should also have egress windows.

In addition, window openings must be operable without the use of tools or keys. You may opt to install bars or grilles over the windows, but they must also be easily operable.

What if your home was built before egress windows were required?

Rooms in older homes that have recently been converted for use as bedrooms will need to comply with egress regulations. While compliance is sure to cost time and money, the danger of not having accessible exits in rooms where you and your family sleep can, ultimately, cost you more. The cost may not be in simple monetary terms, but it just won’t be worth risking life and limb to save a few dollars and not put those egress windows in. Talk to a professional contractor to plan a retrofit or a new installation that meets building requirements to better ensure your safety.

What about utility spaces like the bathroom and the laundry room? How do we compromise between the need for light and the need for privacy? Find out in the final installment of our blog series.