Patio Door Decorative Options by Renewal by Andersen®

Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County lets you customize your replacement patio doors to the last detail. With a myriad of decorative options at your disposal, you have considerable latitude in designing your units your way.

Patio Door

Here are the elements you can modify to make your hinged or sliding glass doors uniquely yours:

Patterned Glass

We can add some opacity to your glass to raise your level of privacy. We offer obscure, pebble, cascade, and fern patterns to reduce the transparency of your High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass. Although you’d be giving up some clarity to your outdoor view, the large amount of natural light that would stream in remains the same.

Frame Color

Installing a new pair of French doors can update the look of your home inside and out. We have a bevy of interior and exterior colors, giving you the freedom to experiment with a number of combinations. Plus, we offer real wood interior veneers, which you can paint or stain to match your existing décor.

Much like with our windows, we offer dark exterior colors with exceptional UV resistance. Despite long-term exposure to the sun, expect them to remain vibrant for the years to come.


In a traditional home, dress your patio doors up with grilles to accentuate its iconic architectural elements. We offer different patterns, including colonial, farmhouse, and prairie, to make your replacement units emblematic of your home.

Furthermore, we can configure your patio door grilles in many ways to make cleaning a breeze. We can permanently install them on the outer side of both glass panes to create a realistic impression of divided lights. Or, we can install them in between the glass to keep the outer surfaces smooth for painless cleaning.


Whether hinged or sliding doors, you have a number of handle styles at your disposal. Each hardware piece comes is available in an array of finishes to complement your existing ones at home.

Our patio doors are equipped with an impregnable locking system along with an exterior keyed lock. But for an extra measure of security, you can add an auxiliary foot lock to our sliding design. Apart from keeping your doors secure when closed, our optional foot lock can keep your active panel partially open for ventilation.

Explore our countless customization options to bring your dream patio doors for your home in Orange County, CA, to life. To schedule your consultation and get a free estimate, call Renewal by Andersen of Orange County now at (949) 216-7711.