Patio Doors: Examining the Hottest Trends in 2017

Patio door design is not static, as it evolves with material science and contemporary design movements. With more customization options available today, you have significant latitude to put different elements together and bring your dream units to life.

Patio Doors

To design patio doors that can add tremendous value for your home, Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County recommends minding these trends:

Energy Efficiency is Still King

Increased energy performance has been the theme in home improvement for years now, and that is still the case in 2017. When buying a glazed door system, always look for the ENERGY STAR® seal to buy a product that works well in the local climate. Apart from the glass, make sure the unit is reinforced with advanced weather-stripping and employs an insulative material.

When it comes to weathertightness and insulation, our units perform exceptionally. An excellent case in point is our sliding glass doors. They come with a compression weather-strip system on their side and head jambs, which prevents air leakage. With two distinct thermal breaks in the threshold, the cold stays out and the heat remains in.

The Grander, The Better

The entry remains the focal point in curb appeal, but patio doors are becoming more architecturally relevant. Many homeowners these days love the idea of creating a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor spaces. As transitional pieces, large glass patio units are key to bringing nature inside.

Unlike others, our contemporary patio door models put a premium on narrow frames. They feature a sleek design for maximum glass area, which translates to bigger and better views.

Flexibility is Sexy

Gone are the days that only one panel moves. A pair of operating patio doors is becoming more popular because it begets wider openings. In turn, they provide flexibility in defining space, allowing you to divide home areas or blur the lines between indoors and outdoors when desired.

Our hinged and gliding French doors function in different ways. Based on your available real estate and planned furniture arrangement, our design consultant can help you figure out the best opening option.

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