RbA Answers “What’s the Best Way to Deal with Drafts?”

It’s undeniable that nothing in this world stays within your grasp for as long as you want. As normal as it is, everything grows vulnerable with time. It’s uncontrollable. Before you get all sentimental, however, we’re just going to discuss temporary material things like windows in Orange County. Eventually, you’re going to deal with them because they may cause different kinds of problems for you and your home.

Drafty windows are caused by two things: (1) growing weak with time and (2) an improperly installed window. While the first one is irrepressible, you can do something about the second one. These are some ways on how you can temporarily deal with drafty windows:

  1. You can apply plastic film or bubble wrap on your windows. Doing so can help retain as much as 55% of your home’s heat reserve.
  2. You can cover your attic/basement windows with foam boards so that sunlight won’t be able to escape.
  3. You can reapply a brand-new caulk around the perimeter of your window to reinforce the seal.
  4. You can also apply felt, a more affordable kind of weather stripping. It’s best used for double-hung, sliding, and casement windows.

However, perhaps the best way to deal with drafty windows is to have new ones installed by a reliable contractor of Orange County windows, like us at Renewal by Andersen®. Sure, you can simply re-insulate your drafty windows annually or as needed because doing so seems cheaper. However, the expenses you spend on doing this year after year will just accumulate and may become even bigger than the amount you’re going to pay for replacement windows.

The kind of replacement windows that we offer here in Renewal by Andersen is more energy-efficient than your usual windows because we pay special attention to the performance of the entire window and not just its parts.

Our window frames are made of Fibrex®, a material patented by our mother company, the Andersen Corporation. It’s known to merge the low-maintenance quality of vinyl and the durability and strength of wood. Furthermore, Fibrex frames are also stronger than your usual vinyl windows. So we can make the frames thinner, which gives you more space for glass—this means a larger view. Also, Fibrex is as good as vinyl and wood when it comes to thermal conductivity.

Rather than spending money on Band-Aid solutions, it may be better to replace your windows every 20 to 25 years, which is the average life span of windows.

If you are in need of any assistance, please give us a call at Renewal by Andersen of Orange County.