Replacing Orange County Windows: How to Avoid Scams and Swindlers

In a world filled with people who aren’t above lying and cheating their way towards money, it is a personal responsibility to be informed about the different risks and dangers of paying for any service. In replacing your Orange County windows, for instance, you must know which contractors are reliable and which ones are likely to swindle you. John Mannas, Jr., writing for Ezine Articles, shares some of the dirty tricks in the industry:

Replacement-Windows-300x228Someone else’s portfolio. If you’ve ever read some of my reviews then you know that I always recommend checking out some previous jobs done. This puts you at ease as you see the kind of job the replacement company can produce. These companies know this and may “steal” other companies’ portfolio and show it off as theirs.

Expensive quotation. This is an obvious way to be scammed. I’ve had a contractor produce a quotation and told me it was the cheapest in the area. He spoke too convincingly I believed him and never bothered to get some more quotations from other companies. Need I say what unfolded?

Other tricks include having fake certification and licenses made, as well as claiming false memberships in reputable organizations. To counter this, always check the company against the list of relevant government agencies and organizations before hiring. Even though the information checks out, you should still beware of getting requotes or additional hidden fees you weren’t informed of.

One of the easiest ways to guard against scams is to make a quick check with business authorities like the Better Business Bureau or BBB, which monitor the performance and service of companies in an industry for consumer reference. Make it a habit to ask relevant questions and researching thoroughly about the company. Being informed will help you choose your Orange County, CA windows provider wisely.

Trusted companies such as Renewal by Andersen of Orange County can provide windows that will improve your home’s energy efficiency and resale value. You can also avoid the hassle of losing money unnecessarily. Window replacement is not an everyday thing; when you have to replace your windows, make sure you get the right and honest people to help you with the job.

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