Say No to Spring Allergies with Renewal by Andersen Windows

Along with the budding of spring flowers across the US comes the higher incidence of hay fever. People who have sensitivity issues must therefore take extra precautions to protect themselves from overexposure to pollen. An April 25 article by The Morning Call gave advice on how to counter spring allergies. Below is an excerpt:

Allergies often require medications, prescription or OTC, so if you have serious problems, consult your physician. We can, however, lessen its effects with some simple steps beyond the usual allergy pills, spray and shots:

Close the windows: Warm weather and spring breezes are wonderful but they also carry pollen. Keep the window closed, particularly in your bedroom and consider using the filter on your air conditioner or an air filter to remove pollen from the indoor air.

Owing to the abundance of flora in California, locals are not exempt from spring allergies. Residents therefore need to be proactive about keeping pollen out of their homes. Doing something as simple as what the above article suggested—keeping your windows sealed against pollen—will provide a number of benefits. Taking things a step further, replacing your old vinyl windows in Orange County CA can help you effectively protect your home and household from most airborne allergens.

Renewal by Andersen of Orange County installs windows engineered to deliver long-lasting functionality and to provide a tight seal against the unwanted transfer of heat and airborne matter. Their windows use Fibrex, a revolutionary material that combines the benefits offered by traditional wood and vinyl windows in Orange County.

The company, formerly Dial One Windows, is authorized by the industry-leading Renewal by Andersen brand to provide clients personalized solutions for their home improvement needs. Their staff’s factory training—coupled with the company’s more than three decades of industry experience—is your assurance of satisfactory project conclusions and maximum service value for a wide range of needs.

(Article sourced from How gardeners can lessen the effects of spring allergies, The Morning Call, April 25, 2014)