Selecting the Best Orange County Windows for Your Home: Double Hung

If you’re looking to improve your current home, you may find it difficult to pick the right type of window without the help of a reliable Orange County windows company. With a myriad of options in the market, the task could definitely be challenging as you need something that mixes functionality with style.

Benefits of Double Hung Windows Image

If you prefer a window which functions more than just being a home ornament, a double hung window is the perfect choice. A article entitled “Benefits of Double Hung Windows” explains some of the reasons why this type of window can do well in any residential home.

Perhaps one of the biggest benefits of double hung windows is that they provide great ventilation, and ventilation that you can control precisely. For maximum ventilation of your home, you can open both the top and bottom sashes so that cool, fresh air is drawn in from the bottom and stale, warm air is expelled from the top.  Your indoor air will be cleaner and you’ll also have a naturally cooler home. You can also choose to have just one sash open if you only need a little ventilation.

Having a well-ventilated home is more than just experiencing comfort. Unwanted smells as well as air pollutants that may affect your health can be prevented. Room moisture can also be controlled because ventilation keeps all areas, from walls to floors, dry. If the opposite occurs, mold can develop and threaten your health.

Apart from its ventilation advantage, double hung windows are also attractive as the article points out:

Double hung windows are incredibly versatile and they will look just as good in a traditional home as they will in an ultra modern, minimalist home due to their classic, clean, elegant look.

This type of window comes in different colors, sizes, and shapes. Even maintenance is easy as the colors of the double hung windows offered by Renewal by Andersen of Orange County, an established Orange County CA windows company, do not blister, peel, flake, crack, or corrode. Moreover, double hung windows are easy to clean as the newer models have tilt-out sashes.

If you’re ready to invest in double hung windows for your home improvement plan, just make sure to have it installed by a professional. Not only will it make your home look good, but it will also be a great addition to your home’s functionality.


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