Selling your home can net you so much more with smart remodeling

More and more real estate developers all over the sunny state are saying the same thing: the home buying and selling business appears to be doing great across the U.S., especially in California, as the market seems to be on a steady rise, according to an article on

When the housing market crashed, so did speculative home building. Real estate market values sank below replacement costs, or what it would take to rebuild the same house on a site. At the same time, lending froze. Even cash buyers weren’t buying.

Now building upscale homes on spec appears to be in the midst of a resurgence across the U.S.

“We’re kind of at the groundswell of the next real estate cycle,” said Paul Habibi, a developer and professor at the UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate. “I don’t see any imminent end to this. The capital markets are only going to get looser as we go.”

Especially in the South California area, particularly within Orange County, potential buyers are looking forward to owning properties along famous beaches and harbors which stretch along more than 40 miles of shoreline.

Naturally, if you are planning to sell your house in Orange County, you would want to get better value and, of course, get more profit; this where remodeling companies come into play. Home sellers will often do some remodeling in their house first to get the highest value possible and one of the first things to consider is getting replacement windows for your Orange County home as most of the time, windows provide lasting first impressions that would certainly help potential buyers decide much more easily.

There are a lot of options to choose from when deciding upon window replacements; one is you have to decide what material you would want to use; you also have to decide on the kind of window and how it will affect your home’s insulation capabilities; and of course you would want your windows to be stylish and elegant. All these aspects come into play and that is why you need the advice of experts.

Renewal by Andersen of Orange County is recognized in the local home improvement industry when it comes to replacement windows in Orange County CA. With almost three decades of experience as well as numerous national awards, we are rated as the #1 window replacement company across the state. Get your home prepped for selling with us – we guarantee that you won’t end up disappointed.

(Article Excerpt from They’re rebuilding fancy homes, knowing that buyers will come