That Perfect Window: Tips on Replacement and More

It’s been in the news lately that property values in California are on a steady rise. That is the reason why many OC residents are doing some remodeling on their houses so that they can get more value when they finally decide to sell. One way of making the deal more profitable is by replacing your windows.

However, this is not the only reason you would want to get a window replacement for your Orange County home. Here are some other reasons:

  1. Damage- broken panes and chipped frames are unsightly (need I say more?).
  2.  Poor insulation performance- cold or hot hair will easily seep in that will eventually cause higher energy bills.
  3. High-maintenance- windows that need more than regular cleaning cause a lot of inconvenience.

But before you decide on getting replacements, here are some pointers from MSN Real Estate:

What kind of window is best for you? Here’s what you should know if you’re judging on cost, energy efficiency or material.

It’s about cost: Here is what they will run you. The cost is the total job cost, including materials and installation. The resale value reflects how much of the job cost homeowners can recoup if they sold their home.

It’s about energy efficiency: To compare the energy efficiency of all window types, regardless of differing components, you must know two critical ratios: The U-Factor and the Solar heat-gain coefficient.

For Orange County window replacement, call Renewal by Andersen, a company that’s listed by the Better Business Bureau with a triple-A rating. The company offers top-of-the-line and well-designed products that embody the true meaning of quality. Aside from premium windows, the company also offers great looking doors that your guests would certainly be impressed with. Top this all off with the best service and workmanship in the business and a committed and well-trained crew, and you can have the perfect doors and windows at home without any hassle.

(Article Excerpt from How to pick the perfect window,