The “Green” Entry Door Options

Orange County is known for its pristine beaches and beautiful harbors as well as the various TV shows and movies set there. But lately, across the state of sunny California, the focus is becoming more about being “eco-conscious”, as people are starting to choose environmentally-friendly products over products which can potentially harm our planet. Even architects and engineers are going “green”. For example, many are focusing more on energy-efficient entry doors in Orange County, to help with the energy conservation efforts. This article from the LA Times reports:

Architect Polly Osborne’s philosophy: Green is good

After having grown up on the Monterey Peninsula, L.A. architect Polly Osborne couldn’t help but take nature into consideration in her work. “It was all around me,” Osborne says.

This milieu nurtured what have been the hallmarks of Osborne’s oft-awarded practice: careful siting that works with nature to keep a home comfortable; general use of local, environmentally responsible materials; and a sense of harmony with the natural world.

One such project, the Taiji residence in Menlo Park, Calif., incorporates natural clay walls, bamboo-paper stone cabinetry, recycled glass and passive solar heating. “It just seemed that as an architect I would be doing the opposite of camping out,” Osborne says. “Therefore, I had a bigger responsibility to build green.”

With this trend happening in the state and around the US, more and more people are now considering replacing their entry doors in the Orange County CA area with doors that help lower their home’s heating and cooling costs.

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(Article Excerpt from Architect Polly Osborne’s philosophy: Green is good,, April 24, 2014)