The Significance of the ENERGY STAR® Seal

When planning a window replacement, you should prioritize energy efficiency. This means selecting windows in Orange County, CA, that come with the ENERGY STAR® seal.


Let Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County talk about the importance of this label when choosing a window replacement.


Products with this label offer superior performance. They have undergone a series of inspections, tests, and verifications, to ensure they meet the strict standards set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This will also help you determine if a window replacement is energy-efficient and eco-friendly.

Benefits of Selecting our ENERGY STAR-Rated Windows

We take pride in providing windows and entry doors in Orange County, CA, that are ENERGY STAR-certified. This means that they can help make your home even more livable while promoting a healthier environment. For instance, we offer windows that come with insulating and sustainable components, such as Fibrex® frame composite and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.

Our frame composite is made from reclaimed wood fibers and polyvinyl chloride from Andersen® Corporation factories. This gives it the natural beauty of wood, twice the strength, and low-maintenance features of vinyl. It will not rot, warp, or fade, reducing the need for premature maintenance and replacement. This also makes it a sustainable option. Additionally, this means less use of natural resources and window wastes going to landfills, which are sources of carbon emission.

Meanwhile, the superior low-e technology of our window glass minimizes heat transfer in and out of your home. This will lessen your reliance on your HVAC units, leading to more energy savings. Additionally, less use of your cooling or heating systems reduces the amount of carbon footprint in your home.

Investing in an ENERGY STAR-rated product will assure you of a cozier home and lasting optimal performance.  Let Renewal by Andersen of Orange County help you with your home improvement in Orange County, CA, for a better home. Call us today at (714) 916-9229 for more information about the ENERGY STAR seal.