Top Qualities of the Best Entry Doors for Orange County, CA Homes

Unlike the popular adage, your house can and will be judged by its outward appearance. The quality of the home’s exterior can influence interested buyers’ many things about your personality, preference, and eye for quality. Without a doubt, one of the first elements passersby often notice is the entry door.

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An article for provides helpful ideas on selecting an entry door for your home. The author explains that careful choice can lead to a door that has the ability to raise a home’s perceived value. Eventually, this perceived value can become the home’s resale value, which you can take advantage of should you decide to sell your property in the future.

While traditional wooden doors are undeniably gorgeous, they are nonetheless susceptible to the elements and to termites. In a few years, you will see signs of infestation that can spread across the door slab quite visibly. Composite entry doors in Orange County CA, on the other hand, are resistant to termite infestation, which means they can keep their form for a very long period.

To avoid the high cost of resizing the door, you may want to search for a reputable door replacement company that offers a suitable and appropriately sized composite door. The article also offers the following practical tips for selecting a door of the right size:

Get out your measurement tape and choose between a standard single door, 32 to 36 inches (81 to 91 cm) wide; an extra-wide door, typically 42 inches (107 cm) wide; or double doors. New homes with higher ceilings look better with 8-foot (2.4 m)-tall entry doors. Keep in mind that changing your existing door size will require costly structural work.

Likewise, you may want to heed the article’s advice as regards door fixtures. “Complement your door’s style and scale with solid brass or bronze handle sets and locks. Pick tarnish-free metal finishes with lifetime guarantees if the door is exposed to weather.”

Besides long-lasting handles and locks, the best exterior doors from Orange County are often made of durable composite materials. Take Fibrex®, for instance, a patented composite which combines the best features of wood and vinyl in terms of aesthetics and overall performance. For your door replacement needs, you can count on reputable suppliers like Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County.


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