Top Two Energy-Saving Projects You Should Try Today

Every homeowner wants to improve the energy efficiency of his or her home. That’s why methods, such as caulking, insulating, and weatherproofing, are common this cold season. Andersen Corporation recently started a Net Zero project, which involves a lot of energy saving practices. Net Zero means starting from scratch and keeping energy consumption at zero.


This project aims to inspire future energy-saving residential projects. Read on the entire Net Zero story to get a good picture of how Andersen did it. In this post, the expert in windows installation in Orange County, CA, shares two projects that will help you save energy in your home.

Replacement Windows
You’d know it’s time to replace your windows when you start feeling drafts and experiencing a higher energy bill. It could be the age of your windows or the way they are installed. Either way, don’t let your windows get in the way of improving your home performance. Our replacement windows at Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County can essentially increase your home’s energy efficiency. This is thanks to our exclusive Fibrex® frame material and High-Performance™ Low-E4® glass.

Fibrex combines the maintenance ease of vinyl with the strength and stability of wood. With the properties of wood and vinyl, our windows are more durable yet easy to clean. Our glass package has excellent insulating properties, which protect homes from harsh elements. Together, these two innovations make our windows more energy-efficient. Homeowners will experience significant energy savings through reduced use of heating and cooling systems.

New Doors
Another energy-saving project to consider this season is a patio door replacement. A good patio door has the ability to increase the curb appeal and value of a home. It offers a smooth transition from the quiet indoors to the great outdoors. To keep your home dry and comfortable this coming cold season, we recommend that you install a new patio door. Renewal by Andersen patio doors improve home security and provide long-term peace of mind.

Since our doors are made-to-order, we make sure that it matches the needs of the household. Our patio doors have solid wood frame and High-Performance Low-E4 glass. Like our windows, our glass options offer big energy savings. These also filter harmful elements, including UV and IR rays, ensuring your furniture and other indoor equipment stay protected.

If your goal is to improve your home’s energy efficiency, these two projects are excellent choices. We have casement, bow, bay, double-hung, gliding, picture, and specialty windows in Orange County, CA. For door replacements, we offer French and gliding patio doors.

Let us know what you need and we’ll discuss your available options. Call us at (888) 266-7127 and we’ll be here to assist you.