Video Blog: Understanding Condensation on Windows

Does condensation often form on your windows? While many homeowners regard condensation as a sign that their windows are failing, in most cases that isn’t true. Let leading replacement window company Renewal by Andersen® of Orange County share the following video about what you should know about window condensation.

How Window Condensation Forms

Condensation forms when warm and moist air comes in contact with a cool surface, like when you leave a glass of cold water on a table at room temperature. The droplets that form on the glass surface isn’t the drink, rather it’s the moisture in the air. The same thing happens to your windows when the same warm and moist air hits the cooler window surface. Condensation typically forms on the outer glass panels, and this is often a good sign: it means your window seals are preventing air leakage, and are, therefore, perfectly sealed.

However, condensation that forms in the space between the glazing is a sign of window seal failure, and if you had the space filled with insulating gas like argon, it may already have dissipated elsewhere. To keep your home energy-efficient, have these windows looked at by a reliable replacement windows contractor.

Indoor Humidity

A lot of daily home activities like cooking, bathing, and doing the laundry increase the amount of moisture inside your home. If indoor condensation tends to obscure your view once too often, you should look into controlling indoor humidity.

Ventilation is an easy way to disperse indoor moisture. Simply opening your windows about fifteen minutes daily normalizes the moisture levels in your home, along with dispelling any volatile organic compounds (VOCs), bad smells, and other indoor air pollutants. Windows that allow two openings like double hung windows and bay windows are ideal for daily ventilation. Mechanical ventilation, such as those used for cooktops, bathrooms, and laundry rooms, also help reduce indoor moisture levels. Electric and disposable dehumidifiers work as well, with varying results.

Dealing with window condensation is a small chore compared to the benefits offered by energy efficient windows, including substantial savings on your monthly energy bills. To learn more about the ideal replacement for your vinyl windows, call Renewal by Andersen of Orange County today at (949) 216-7711 or fill out our contact form to schedule a free, no-obligation quote. We serve many areas in and around Orange County, CA.