Which are the Best Types of Shades for Vinyl Windows in Orange County?

Window treatments are an excellent addition to any home, and it provides otherwise bare glass windows with added ambience, privacy and control over interior natural light penetration. Whether you have vinyl windows in Orange County, or whatever kind of window, there are treatments specifically made for them. Here is an insight on one such type, the window shades:

10 Most Common Blinds And Shades Image

Roman Shades

One of the most distinguishing features of roman shades are their accordion-style shape, which easily folds as they are brought up, and smoothens out when closed over the window. There are a wide variety of styles and colors that you could get your roman shades in, which is perfect for homeowners looking to completely customize their home.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, veer away from typical blinds design by featuring, as the name implies, vertical slats that can be opened and closed to the sides instead of up and down. This option is commonly used in picture windows, patio windows or anywhere that opens up to a view, as a means of providing a theatre-window effect.

Roller/Solar Shades

The main thing about roller shades is they use a roll mechanism to pull a sheet of cloth or vinyl (as opposed to the usual slats in typical shades and blinds). According to The Most 10:

Solar shades offer light-dimming options great for open living spaces and also help protect the room from harmful UV rays. Thee styles usually roll up instead of using a rope to pull them up. Some roller shades are on rollers and move from side to side instead of up and down.

Wood/Faux Wood Blinds

Due to its style and durability, there’s little question why wood and faux wood material is one of the most favored type of blinds there is. Dens, kitchens, dining rooms and other areas which you choose to give a nice, natural look to can greatly benefit from these materials. Take note though, that there is a clear distinction between wood and faux wood.

Whichever type of window blinds you may choose for your windows, make sure that you can give the time and effort to clean and maintain its aesthetics, as well as its durability. In conclusion, be it an efficient vinyl window in Orange County CA or Fibrex-made windows, the right treatment can still spell a huge difference.


(Article Excerpt and Image from 10 Most Common Blinds And Shades, The Most 10)