Why Window Replacement Is Best Left to The Pros – Part 2

Important Things in Window Replacement

Many people have a wrong idea about window replacement (and replacement windows themselves), but here are a few things to clear.

When some window companies say they’ll do “window replacement,” they may not replace the entire window system; they’re could only be referring to the window sash and the glass panel. That means the window frames are not replaced. They may make a few repairs to the window frame, but they won’t replace it. If they did, that would count as an entirely new window installation instead of a replacement. Since most people assume that replacement includes a new frame and windowpane, some manufacturers label complete window sets as replacement windows (technically it’s still a new window installation).

Furthermore, replacing the windows isn’t just a matter of taking out the old panes and bolting in the replacement parts. Window contractors also have to consider a few things before installing the new sash and panel, so an average window replacement can take at least 3 hours to finish. For example, they have to check the state of the window frame to make sure it’s still strong enough to accommodate the replacement window. Otherwise, the replacement window might have some issues in the future, making the whole project pointless.

How a replacement window is installed can also affect its performance. For example, a double glass panel has better insulating properties compared to single glass options when shut, but if there were a small gap around the edges, warm or cold air would still be able to pass through it, rendering it pointless to replace it. A window contractor has the means to make sure the panel will form an airtight seal around the frame to keep things well insulated.

How the windows open or close can be affected by even the smallest miscalculations. Unlike window contractors, many people who attempt DIY window replacements do not have the right tools, so they end up installing misaligned windows. Not only will the new replacement window be harder to open and close, but the misaligned part can cause the panel to scratch against the frame, peeling paint or protective coating in the process.

Proper installation by expert does affect window performance, so how do you get about replacing your window? Look for Part 3, which will show you a few tips on finding a professional window replacement contractor.